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Looking After Your Pachira Money Tree

Because it is thought to be lucky, Pachira Aquatica Money Tree Plant is one of the preferred plant by homeowners. These plants are good for indoors especially to your living rooms because of the natural beauty it brings. The resilience of the pachira money tree makes it easy to grow to any amount of light. The light of the sun or even low indoor light is enough for the plant. Aside from having a pachira money tree at home, you can also place one in the office. With just a little amount of water, the plant can make it through time. In a little time of caring for your pachira money tree, you will suddenly notice it has grown to 7 ft tall. Below are steps to care for your pachira money tree:


You should have a good soil to put your pachira money tree. A good potting soil could have river sand with it or perlite to improve drainage. Bear in mind that a good space supports good growth. As a general sizing rule, allow approximately 1 to 2 inches of space between the tree’s root ball and the side of the pot.


Place your Pachira tree in a well-lit area, but keep it out of direct sunlight, which may burn the leaves and cause yellow or brown spots at the tips. However, shaded or minimal light can also sustain these trees.


Nourish your tree with less water. If you think that the soil and plant is dry enough, it’s time to water the plants.


Fertilize your Pachira once a month if you desire, but many Pachira tree owners report that the plants thrive with little or no fertilizing. If you decided to have fertilizer, make use of a standard liquid houseplant fertilizer.


For a thicker, bushier growth, snip the leaves back as much as possible at the stem branching. Pruning will also tend to limit the size of the plant. To give you a Pachira Tree, trim less as possible and only do when you want to eliminate unhealthy stems and leaves.

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