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Birthday Money Tree: Takes Out the Guesswork for Teenagers

Gift giving especially to teenagers nowadays can get complicated. You just can’t figure out what they really like after all. Giving them with something that you chose might not suit their taste for music, clothes, hobbies or lifestyle. Definitely they love music but there are thousands of artists and songs that can be hard to choose from. Giving them clothes can be a disaster since they have their own styles too. In this situation,a birthday money tree would be the ideal alternative for gift giving. A birthday money tree would be really valuable because the teenager can buy things using the money which allows them more flexibility. If you like this idea, just follow the procedures below and make your own birthday money tree.

* Place a small flower pot on a work area with some sheets of old newspaper on top.The newspaper will protect your workspace area from any paint spills.

* Paint the flower pot. You can paint the pots using the favorite color of the recipient or use earth colored paints such as brown or brick red. A spray paint would make a more professional look and would be more efficient to use. Allow the pot to dry for a couple of hours.

*Collect at least three pine branches from a nearby pine tree. If you don’t have any pine tree in your area, you can buy some artificial pine branches from a craft store. Choose pine branches that have a thick foliage.

* Color your pine branches with either silver or gold spray paint. Just remember that you should hold them by the branch and twirl them around so that you cover all of the needles. It is highly advisable that you do this outdoors for proper ventilation when painting. Leave the pine tree branches aside to dry.

* Trim your floral foam to fit inside the flower pot if it is quite large.

* Press the pine tree branches deeply into the floral foam. Make sure to press hard enough.

* Roll up your dollar bills from left to right so that they look like a scroll. Secure them to the pine tree branches one at a time with a piece of ribbon.

Now, you have a birthday money tree that teenagers would appreciate and thank you for your creativity.

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