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All You Need to Know About Money Tree Seeds

In many parts of Asia, one tradition that is commonly associated with having more money is placing a money tree plant inside their homes or offices. People from these parts of the world strongly believe that the money tree can bring good fortune,luck and wealth. The species used for a money tree seeds plant is formally known as Pachira aquatica. It is very abundant in swamp lands in South America. The plant itself is already considered to be fortunate by followers of feng shui, simply because of its five lobed palmate leaves. A money tree plant with leaves in clusters of seven, another lucky number, is a very fortunate omen.

The money tree seeds come from the Malabar Chesnut variety. It is also referred to as Pachira glabra, provision Tree, Guiana Chestnut, Saba nut and Shaving Brush tree. Brown pod fruit can grow up to one foot long, containing several large seeds that are consumed as nuts. Raw seeds do taste like peanuts while cooked seeds are similar to chestnuts.

Brief description: Medium to large sized, spreading tree which can grow over 60ft tall. Flowers are very fluffy and showy, having long, foot long petals drooping outwards from their center. When fruits are ripe, they burst open to show the large seeds.

Hardiness: It is very resilient tree that can withstand temperatures up to 28F in some sub-tropical climates such as Southern California; however, warmer climates are suitable for money tree seeds.

Growing Environment: Do take note that such money tree seeds are typically found near freshwater streams and swamps, so provide ample water when cultivating. Nonetheless, money tree seeds from the Malabar Chestnut can go through periods of drought. Money tree seeds can be raised in full sun or shady areas but protect it from wind and low humidity days. Aside from planting money tree seeds, it can also be propagated using tree cuttings.

Different Uses: Money tree seeds from this variety can actually be eaten. There are different ways to consume money tree seeds: raw or cooked, usually boiled, roasted, or fried. Leaves and flowers can be consumed as vegetables.

The native range of money tree seeds from Pachira aquatica are common in Mexico, reaching as far as Central and South America. Indeed,aside from giving good luck, money tree seeds can be used as a food source too.

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